Whole individual

Athletics at BCS is an important aspect of the school’s educational program. Our philosophy is one of educating the whole individual. For this reason, BCS provides an athletic program that helps develop a student’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. Although academics are one of the major priorities at BCS, we feel an extracurricular athletic program is also helpful in developing the whole student.


A student is challenged in many ways including the learning of offensive and defensive plays, creative play making, team strategies and through other mentally stimulating exercises.


A student will learn how to better handle stressful situations, how to better cope with losing and winning, and how a Christian controls and deals with his or her feelings.


The interaction with team members, opponents, coaches and fans helps the student athlete to learn how to work with, cooperate with and encourage all those involved. Team spirit and individual friendships are cultivated through participation in sports.


The athletic program encourages strong spiritual character and qualities that will help the athletic be a better servant of our Lord. Reliance on the Lord for strength, safety and guidance along with the proper motives and attitudes toward all involved with the program. Our desire at BCS is that our athletes learn that everything that is done is to be done for the glory of God and with the whole heart.