Faculty & Staff

The BCS faculty and administration are committed to serving the Lord first and, second, to nurturing students for academic excellence. Our faculty members are required to meet high spiritual and academic standards for their positions. The faculty is also fully committed to the success of every student. Teachers utilize small class sizes to give individual attention to each student. In addition, they partner with parents and strive to maintain open communication. Above all, both teachers and administration seek God’s wisdom as they lead students toward spiritual and academic growth.

Pastor Tim Smith

School Superintendent
Various Jr. / Sr. High Classes

Pastor Sean Stouffer

School Administrator
Various Jr. / Sr. High Classes

Mrs. Melissa Stouffer

School & Church

Mrs. Ashley Fluke

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Mrs. Lisa Smith

1st & 2nd Grades

Mrs. Amy Hess

3rd & 4th Grades

Ms. Sue Stout

5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Laura Hess

Jr. & Sr. High Classes

Dr. Kerry Walker

Jr. & Sr. High Classes

Mrs. Heather Rowlands

Art & Phys. Education

Mrs. Lydia Greene

Elementary Music