Provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals and STEM - especially Math and Reading

Deliver a strong emphasis on equipping students for lifelong learning

Kindergarten students reading before first grade using a phonics based reading program

Sharpen student's logical thinking skills

Enable students to excel in written and spoken communication

We strive to honor Christ with high academic standards.  We believe students can excel when challenged and encouraged at school and at home to give their best. Our college preparatory program and curriculum are designed for the average student who is willing to work hard. 


The Pre-K program at BCS is an academic program which uses the ABEKA curriculum.  Students learn along-side the kindergarten as they learn Bible, Math, Phonics, Social Studies and History. The Pre-K students also participate in Physical Education and Music. 

Pre-K meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:45 pm until 2:30pm.


Kindergarten at BCS meets Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Students learn Bible, Phonics & Reading, Handwriting, Math, History, and Science. Kindergarten students also participate in Physical Education and Music.

1st & 2nd Grades

First & Second grades learn together in the same classroom. Bible, English, Phonics & Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Math, History, and Science are the core subjects. Each day of the week brings a new “special” – Art, Physical Education, Computer, Music, And Library. 

3rd & 4th Grades

Third & Fourth Grades transition away from learning Phonics as they hone the skills they have learned previously. Reading becomes more important as they depend less on the teacher for this important skill. These years also bring multiplication and division into their everyday life. 

Here at BCS the third & fourth grades are in the same classroom but learn Math, English, Reading, and Handwriting separately. History and Science are combined. 

5th & 6th Grades

Fifth & Sixth grades are transition years as students learn to become more independent learners in preparation for Jr. High. More responsibility is expected in homework and studying.

Combined classes include, Bible, Reading, History, Science, and Handwriting. English and Math are taught separately. 


7th - 12th Grades

Curriculum from BJUP is the mainly used in the secondary program at BCS. The core subjects consist of Math, English, Science, History, and Spanish. Physical Education is a requirement for all grades. 7th & 8th grade take Art, Computer, and Music as part of their core classes while 9th-12th grades are offered Music, Art, Life Readiness Skills, Yearbook, and Drama as electives. These courses vary by year. 

The students also participate in Poetry Out Loud, Envirothon, and other educational events.